Upcoming Sunday Services

Services for August 5, 2018


Psalm 105:1-5 and Romans 12:9-21

This week we will talk about what I learned in camp.  The curriculum for camp this year was based on Romans 12, or as camp kids called it "R12."  I highly recommend that everyone go home and read the entire 12th chapter of Romans in preparation for the coming week.  The entire Chapter is a short manual on how to really act like a Christian--not just be a Christian in name only.  The key:  "Love in Action." More at 10:15 on Sunday!

Services for August 12

"The Eye of the Needle"

Psalm 51:10-12 and Mark 10:17-31

 Today’s scripture contains the famous quotation from Jesus to the effect that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Writers have argued whether Jesus was using a  metaphor about needles or referring to a narrow gate in Jerusalem that was referred to as “The Eye of the Needle.” Regardless, it also contains the phrases, “With God, everything is possible,” and “the Last shall be first and the first shall be last.”  We open our three-week series on stewardship by discussing this important passage from Mark.

Services for August 19

"Treasures in Heaven"

Psalm 51:6-9 and Matthew 6:19-34

Again and again in scripture, we see variations on the theme of where our true focus should be .  Do we focus on the short-term wisdom of the world, which changes with the wind?  Or do we focus on the things that truly last?  Jesus tells us that where our treasure is, there will our heart be also.  In this second week of our Stewardship series, we will focus on the consequences of focusing on the long-term vs. the rewards of focusing on the here and now.  The passage also warns us to avoid worry: "Each day has enough trouble of its own."

Service for August 26, 2018

 “The Rich Fool” 

  Psalm 51:15-17 and Luke 12:13-21