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Januaary 28: See the Truth and Come to the Light

Psalm 139:13-18 and John 3:1-21

This is a very rich scripture.  It contains perhaps the most famous verse in the Bible.  It also talks of being "born again" in Christ.  When we see the truth of Christ, all things become new.  If we respond to the truth, nothing is ever the same again.  This rebirth is symbolized in baptism, but it continues throughout our lives.  We are continually exposed to more of the truth as we experience life with all its joys and sorrows, its triumphs and its pain.  Most of all, when we experience the truth, we gain more and more understanding--more light!

February 4: See New Life by Breaking Traditions

Psalm 42:1-3 and John 4:1-42

This is another of the long stories of incidents in Jesus' life in which the Gospel of John interweaves the story with insights into the nature of Christ and His ministry.  Jesus meets a Samaritan woman at a well, speaks of living water and true worship.  This would never have happened if Jesus had honored traditions; a Jew did not speak to a Samaritan, and a man did not speak to a woman alone.  Because He broke these taboos, and because she replied by asking Him questions, not only did she believe, but so did her entire village.  This is the first event recounted by John that makes it crystal clear that Jesus, the Messiah, has come for all people, and not just for the Jews.

February 11: The Blind See

Psalm 27:1-4 and John 9:1-41

Jesus is the light of the world--He brings light to the eyes of a man born blind.  This is another long story with many rich opportunities to learn.  The blind man believes--he can't answer why or how he was cured but simply says, "One thing I do know.  I was blind, but now I see."  In contrast to the blind man, Jesus says to the Pharisees that they sin because they claim to see but they really do not see what is truly important.  As Christians, this should warn us to be careful to follow the obligations that go with our being "born again."