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Service for Sunday, November 11

What does the Lord Require?

Matthew   9:13 Micah 1:3-5; 5:2-5a; 6:6-8 

On Veterans' Day, in the aftermath of a bitter election, we talk about a prophet who came to the people of Judah during a very troubled time in their history.  Religious and secular leaders alike had no clue how to stem the tide of decline that beset the kingdom.  Towns in the kingdom outside Jerusalem were subject to attacks and raids.  Corruption was rife in church and state.  Micah came to bring the Lord's message that what God's followers need to do in times like that--in times like these--is simple but not always easy:  Do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.

Service for Sunday, November 18

"Playing on the World Stage"

Matthew 5:14; Isaiah 36:1-3;13-20; 37:1-7; then 2:1-4

In today's scripture, we read of an embattled Judah with the enemy at the gates.  The rulers do not know what to do.  The prophet Isaiah provides a vision of a time when God will bring all peoples together in peace.