What do "Elders" do in our church?

It is common for churches from many traditions and denominations to have a group they call "elders." However, the title means different things in different denominations.  In the Disciples tradition, and in our church, Elders are the spiritual leaders of the congregation. 

The most visible duty of Elders is to preside at the communion table on Sundays.  Since Communion, the remembrance of the Lord's last supper with His disciples, is the centerpiece of our weekly worship service, the Elders' presence with the pastor at the table makes them very visible servants of God and of the congregation.  

Elders also assist the congregation and  pastor in resolving disagreements and disputes if they arise.

Every month, the elders in our congregation, along with deacons, deliver communion to all those in our congregation who are homebound or in care centers.

Our Elders have a "shepherd's list."  Each elder is responsible for maintaining contact with the members of our faith community who are on their list.  Such contact may be by visits, phone calls, letters and cards, or social media.  

Who Are the "Elders" in our congregation?

For 2018, the Elders serving  our congregation are Morris Higgins, Karen Moubry,  Jeff Downs, Lynn Yoch, Jennie Anderson, and Marian Kahler.